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Innovative projects

Several leading development projects are being run within this arena, with a focus on automation and digitalisation to increase the railway's capacity and efficiency.

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At Rail Sweden, we are dedicated to preserving and promoting rail freight as a sustainable option for the future. While the trucking industry has made significant strides over the past centuries, we acknowledge that the rail sector has lagged behind in terms of innovation and technological advancements.

However, our team at Rail Sweden is determined to change this narrative. We firmly believe that with the right focus on innovation, we can revitalise and revolutionise the rail freight industry. Our mission is to introduce cutting-edge technologies, modern practices, and environmentally friendly solutions to make rail freight more efficient, competitive, and eco-friendly.


Ongoing projects

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The DACcord project provides management support to Europe's Rail Joint Undertaking for the continued professional management of the European DAC Delivery Programme.
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Revitalisation of Inner-Urban Freight Rail Hubs - UrbFRail

With the growing need to reduce carbon emissions in transport, it's important to shift goods from road to rail and to make lastmile transport more sustainable.
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The aim with the TRANS4M-R project is to create rail freight as the backbone of Europe's lowest emission and most robust logistics network. Rail Sweden and Trafikverket are together with 70 partners...

Concluded projects



For the first time, a comprehensive European grasp of the railways is being taken through the Shift2Rail initiative. Nearly SEK 9 billion was invested from the EU and the industry for the purpose of...


FR8RAIL II is a project within Shift2Rail with the main purpose of developing functional requirements for increased performance and intelligence in, for example, the fleet and surrounding processes...


FR8RAIL III is an innovation project within Shift2Rail designed to further develop railway technologies in order to achieve the objectives highlighted in Shift2Rail’s strategic plan. FR8RAIL III began...


FR8RAIL IV is a project that forms part of Shift2Rail and aims to further develop technologies that are relevant to the rail industry. The objective of the project is to contribute to the overarching...


IMPACT-2 is an innovation project within Shift2Rail that continues the work on evaluation methods from IMPACT-1 with the aim of initiating the standardisation of the technologies that are continuously...