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Accelerating rail innovation through collaboration

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Rail Sweden is a neutral project collaborator focusing on knowledge and innovation related to rail freight. We work to create collaborations that accelerates a sustainable, smart freight supplychain in Sweden and Europe. We do this by participating in large projects focusing on innovations within automation and digitalisation to increase the railway's capacity and efficiency.

Person sitter ett vid skrivbord och äter lunch framför datorn

Lunch webinar - Innovative Freight Assets

Online meeting
In this webinar we will present findings for multimodal hydrogen containers, automation through the self-propelled wagon and aerodynamic energy-efficient wagons designs for safety and efficient driving practices. This webinar is ideal for professionals interested in research and development within rail freight services, logistics, and transportation.
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DAC and Seamless Rail Freight in the spotlight!

250 people from the Europe’s Rail Flagship Project 5 TRANS4M-R followed the midterm event. Project partners presented achievements, progress and milestones since the work began in July 2022. Anna Björkman and Sneha Gosavi from Rail Sweden were key speakers during the afternoon sessions. Watch the film and read the summary from the meeting.
Starbild till en film med namn på de som talade vid Rail Swedens webinarium.

Watch the video and presentations from DAC lunch webinar

This meeting focused on technical progress, implementation plan and the financial aspects which will make DAC the European standard. The implementation work is multifaceted and requires several European actors to synchronize both in terms of migration and technical development. Watch the film and update yourself on the status, ongoing work and plans.